Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

​MEDICAL Testosterone Replacement, with emphasis on Medical.

No fads, scams, infomercials, dangerous and unregulated supplements etc, etc. You get the idea.

Enough is Enough.

Testosterone Levels in Males gradually decline starting in your late-20s to early-30s.

By Middle Age, Men have only a fraction of what they did in their late-Teens.

Testosterone is ESSENTIAL for many physiological functions, including:  Sexual Performance & Libido, Retaining and Gaining Muscle Mass & Strength, Physical Endurance, Emotional Confidence and Maintaining an Elevated Mood (Low-T can lead to Clinical Depression). 

Senior Men are especially benefited from Testosterone.  It helps maintain mental alertness and prevents falls (simply by having sufficient muscle strength).  50% of Seniors who have a Hip Fracture from a fall die within 12 months!  Testosterone can be absolutely live-saving in terms of Preventive Medicine.

This is Liquid Youth!

If you'd like to feel years to decades YOUNGER in EVERY WAY, you've come to the right place.

What is VIRILITY, YOUTH and STAMINA worth to you?

You will be managed by a Doctor.

You will be given a Lab Order Slip (Quest or Labcorp) prior to treatment initiation.

You will be given PRESCRIPTION Testosterone Injections (as medically indicated). 

This is a DEA Controlled Substance.  

(Not all Doctors can write for this Medication.)

Testosterone Injections will be administered by a Doctor in the PRIVACY of the Clinic.

You do NOT have to go to a separate pharmacy to pick up and pay for the medication.

Everything is included in our cost.

You simply come to one place for the Doctor visits and the shots... every TWO WEEKS.

Just Two Visits a Month to Turn Back the Clock!


Consultation: $500

(This includes 2 visits: Initial Medical Exam, Lab Slip and Follow-Up Visit)

Monthly Maintenance: $300  ($150 every two weeks).

Remember, you CAN NOT obtain actual Testosterone without a Doctor.

It is a DEA Prescription Medication.  It MUST be administered under Physician Supervision.

It is a "Performance Enhancing" Medication.  

If you are a Professional Athlete, you must obtain approval from your sport.

Call when you're ready to actually change your life.  We're here to help.