Sublocade Clinic!

We are proud to offer Sublocade for Opioid Use Disorder 

(Opioid Addiction).

Sublocade is a once-monthly injection of Buprenorphine 

(the active ingredient in Suboxone)

You must first be stable on Suboxone to transition to Sublocade.

Please click on the tab "Suboxone Clinic." 

ALL the policies and information for Suboxone apply to Sublocade.

1)  You must have a PPO or Medi-Cal (not Cal-Optima) for this expensive medication to be covered.

2)  The Clinic Visit cost is the SAME as Suboxone Visit costs.  We do NOT "price gouge" our patients!!

3)  Sublocade is ONLY available through Specialty Pharmacies (not your local CVS, Walgreen, Rite-Aid, etc.)  We take care of all this paperwork for you and get paid nothing extra for this service, nor do we charge you anything extra compared to our Suboxone Patients!!

4)  If you wish to pay for this medication out-of-pocket, it costs nearly $2,000 per monthly injection.  We can try to arrange that for you.  It may still be better for you compared to how much you pay monthly (on the street) for your Opioid Addiction.  However, we strongly suggest you use your PPO or Medi-Cal insurance if you have it.  In most cases, your medication cost would be ZERO!  You would only have to pay for the monthly Clinic Visits.

We work directly with the Sublocade manufacturer!  For more valuable information and a video, click the link below:

Coastal Primary Care


[email protected]