There are now over 45 million Senior Citizens in the United States!

"Baby Boomers" are the largest generation in human history!         Born shortly after WWII, they were also the first generation of children in human history to benefit from Antibiotics. 

Fast forward 65+ years, we now see a totally new breed of "Senior Citizen."  Active.  Engaged.  Leaders of Society.

We must now totally "re-frame" how we view Senior health, lifestyle and longevity.  These "New Seniors" are not at all like the Seniors of the past!  

If we combine proper, modern Medical Care at close, regular intervals AND a continued Active Lifestyle, most of these Baby Boomers are projected to see well beyond their 100th Birthday!

Wonderful News!!  Just ONE catch:  finding a Clinic that accepts Medicare.  As more and more of these Baby Boomers become of Medicare age, we unfortunately see less and less Clinics accepting Medicare. 

Why?  It's simple really:  Private Insurances reimburse Clinics more than Medicare does.  This unfortunate reality is creating a mismatch of Supply (Medicare Clinics) and Demand (Senior Citizens needing healthcare).

There is already a growing shortage of Medicare Clinics.  What good is it to have Medicare Insurance if no Clinic nearby accepts it??

This is where WE step in.  We promise to do our part to help balance the scales.  Our hope is others will follow... simply because it's the right thing to do!

We're a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do.  Contact us to learn more!


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