Medical Weight Loss

TeleMedicine Treatment

Treatment from the safety and privacy of your home!

From anywhere in the State of California!

We are compliant with all DEA Protocols!

We will call in the medication to your local Pharmacy!

​MEDICAL Weight Loss, with emphasis on Medical.

No fads, scams, infomercials, dangerous and unregulated supplements etc, etc.  You get the idea.  

Enough is Enough.

You will be managed by a Doctor.

You will be given a PRESCRIPTION Medication.  This is also a DEA Controlled Substance.  

(Not all Doctors can write for this Medication.)

You will have monthly visits.  Dosage will be adjusted as needed.


If you have Insurance, please feel free to use it at the Pharmacy.  We also encourage apps like GoodRx.

Consultation:  $300

(This includes 2 visits:  Day 1 and Week 1 Follow-Up for possible dose adjustment)

Monthly Maintenance:  $150

Remember, you CAN NOT obtain this Medication without a Doctor's Prescription.  

It is a DEA Prescription Medication intended for Medical Weight Loss under Physician Supervision.

Call when you're ready to actually change your life.  We're here to help.