Chronic Pain Management

done right!

Look around and you will never see other Pain Clinics list their cost anywhere!  

We are full transparency:

Establishing Care (Induction Month):  $500 for TWO visits

Day 1 (in-person) and Day 7 Follow-Up (by Telemed) for possible dose adjustment.

Must bring all medical records on Day 1.   Urine Drug Screen is also done on this day.

$250 deposit (non-refundable & non-transferable to another date)


$250 at time of visit.

Follow-Up Visits:  are done via HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine.

$350 monthly for high quality & medically appropriate Pain Management.

This is a PRIVATE Clinic.  Emphasis on private.  We reserve the right to refuse establishing care or providing care!

If you are friendly and respectful, you will LOVE it here!  If you are argumentative or disrespectful, you will not receive an appointment.  It's that simple.

Call for details, including our Chronic Pain Management Contract.

Why do so many Pain Clinics fail to properly treat pain?

Many Pain Clinics have a poor reputation or simply do not work.  Here, we do things the right way.  Dr. Rezai deeply understands that medication for Acute Pain should never be applied to Chronic Pain Management.  To confuse one algorithm for the other can cause irreparable harm to the liver, among other complications.

Chronic Pain Management is intended to increase functional quality of life.  Too often, Dr. Rezai inherits patients who were poorly managed.  This generally comes in two forms:

A) Patients were under-dosed.

B) Patients were placed on short-acting medications which also contain acetaminophen (very harsh on the liver).  These patients were told to dose several times daily.  This caused medication “peaks and troughs” throughout the day.  Basically, the pain level went up and down throughout the day.  (Does this sound like you??)

The proper approach to Chronic Pain Management involves usage of long-acting medications which do not contain acetaminophen.

We are very protective and vigilant when it comes to our Chronic Pain Management Program.  We require signing of a Pain Contract.   CURES reports. Urine Drug Screens.  Previous Medical Records, especially Radiology reports (X-Ray, CT, Ultrasound, MRI, etc.) PRIOR to initiating treatment.  Pill counts, if seen between regularly scheduled visits.  And a Patient Conduct Policy.


Lying, being argumentative, aggressive or using profanity are grounds for immediate and permanent discharge from the Chronic Pain Management Program.

This is so that legitimate Pain Patients can feel safe and comfortable when visiting.  It is truly a sanctuary for the honest patient in pain.  If you or a loved one are struggling with Chronic Pain, please contact us at:

(714) 375 – 0691